A/C Services

We are keeping Delaware, Ohio Cool. Your home and office needs a high quality—and highly reliable—air conditioning unit. Don’t just wait until you feel the heat. Take action and contact us for a thorough maintenance check, repair, or system upgrade. Ensure your space stays relaxed and pleasant, even when the temperature rise!


Furnace Services

We can upgrade thermostats, replace your rusted drain pans, remove damaging dirt and debris, replace rotted or damaged ductwork, and expand existing systems in your home. No matter what sort of challenges you’re experiencing with your heating system, we can handle it! Delaware Heating & Air is here to help with this process.


Heat Pump Services

Don’t try to tackle installing a new HVAC system yourself. This process can be challenging and complicated. Doing this can create more problems than you already may have had. The trick is to know which HVAC company is going to be the right one for you and sell you the best heating system. Delaware Heating & Air is here to help


Additional Services


Indoor Air Quality

Keep the air you breathe everyday fresh and clean with a home air quality system. Learn how we can help increase you airs quality within your home. 

Scheduled Maintenance Agreement

Our Scheduled Maintenance Agreement provides you with 12 months of preventative maintenance + many more benefits. Learn More Here.


HVAC Real Estate Inspection

Get a detailed Certified inspection Report before you buy or sell your home at a great price! For a limited time, schedule our HVAC Real Estate Inspection and Report online and save $100!